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Happenings sa Pinas | Marawi Siege with Bonus Politics

First of all, I am no journalist. I'm not a political analyst. I'm just a regular Filipino citizen just reacting to news. I have my own political leanings which may or may not be the same to whoever happens to stumble upon my blog and social media posts.

AFP: Marawi Siege was start of extremist plan to gain ISIS status | THE PHILIPPINE STAR

When the Maute rebels launched attacks in Marawi City, I was in the safety and comfort of my home. Still, there's fear knowing that such attacks may happen here in Manila. We can only pray for those in Marawi.

When President Duterte declared Martial Law in the whole Mindanao Island, it brought me some sense of security. We have friends in Mindanao who went on with their normal lives. I'm actually envious seeing their selfies with the soldiers.

It's also heartwarming to know that bayanihan still lives. News of civilians giving away free food to refugees helped balance all the negative news. We cannot let terror win.

The most disappointing thing in this crisis is the politics. Taking the timing of the Marawi siege into consideration, it's as if it's scheduled to happen while the president is in Russia. Sen. Bam Aquino, a senator in the Liberal Party (in the opposition) visited Marawi City within the same time the Maute rebels were mobilizing for the attack. Coincidence?

We have all these theories circulating around, but no matter what the news or gossips say, a Filipino will believe whatever he wants to believe.

In this video, she argues that there should be another solution to the Marawi siege aside from martial law. She also explained the definition of rebellion and invasion according to her interpretation of the constitution. I don't think she has come up with an alternative solution...

Majority of the people in Mindanao favor martial law while people in Luzon rally against it. These opposition senators want to be lenient to these terrorists just for the sake of opposing the administration. It looks like they are favoring the rebel group over the soldiers who died while rescuing the civilians. Hiyang hiya naman ako sa inyo! It's insulting.

My respect goes to the soldiers deployed in Marawi and the people of nearby cities who are helping rehabilitate the refugees. Let's all continue praying for Marawi city.

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