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Christmas 2016 | Noche Buena in the Hospital

We finished decorating the church auditorium around 4PM in the afternoon of Christmas Eve. We went back to the store so our cashier can go home just in time for Noche Buena.

Christmas 2016 | Old School Promotion Work

It's a Filipino tradition wherein families stay up late to feast in the midnight of December 25. It's a big deal for us Pinoys to put out the best celebration-worthy meal for our families. You can say it's the local equivalent of Thanksgiving here in the Philippines.

image from PIXABAY

The store closed later than usual to cater to last minute shoppers. Meanwhile, in our house, we only have two trays of lemon ref cake, some ice cream, and nothing else. We were too tired to cook. It's fine. We'll just order pizza on our way to the hospital.

This Christmas is our first as husband and wife, away from our parents. Since Tatay (my father) wasn't released from the hospital yet, we had to go there for Noche Buena.

Responding to Stroke | The First Few Days

I grew up to having spaghetti, salad and ham for Noche Buena, all prepared by my mother. What a huge difference this is. My mother can't cook in the hospital. Take-out food is our only hope.

Off to Shakey's.
Called the hotline.

I should have cooked that tuna pasta... Next time, we'll dedicate more time in cooking.

We stopped by 7-11 to get ice cream and softdrinks. Now, for something we can partner with rice... Good thing Lydia's Lechon in Baclaran was still open! Teka. Bawal ang lechon kay Tatay. [Tatay can't eat lechon.] Right. Let him see and smell all the things he's not allowed to eat.

Tatay enjoying the company of grandkids

Our relatives were there visiting. AND THEY BROUGHT FOOD!!! too. Our unusual Noche Buena went well after all. Too bad Tatay didn't enjoy the food as much, but my brothers stayed true to the "no shape December" theme. Nanay was too tired to celebrate. It's not because of cooking though. We hope our next Noche Buena won't be in a hospital room.

It's not the most festive Christmas for our family but we're thankful to be complete for the occasion.

I used to think of sweet and glittery Christmases until my dad had a stroke. The truth is, Christmas is not when sickness and unfortunate events take a leave for the holidays. These things do not respect seasons. What's important is to be with your family no matter what the situation may be, festive or not.

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