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Christmas 2016 | Old School Promotion Work

First Christmas as husband and wife. 

We're further away from tradition this year because of certain circumstances - December 25 falling on a Sunday, and Tatay spending Christmas in the hospital. Not the most ideal holiday ambiance, but we're thankful nonetheless. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, not the traditions.

We used a steam iron to "erase" wrinkles in the cloth.
We spent Christmas Eve decorating our church auditorium.
We placed the curtain and prepared the lettering days before. I underestimated the amount of time it takes to decorate the old school way. Cutting the letters from the styrofoam board took half a day. It took another day to glue glitters to the lettering. Another day was spent putting on the cloth and ironing it.

Hubby has been practicing his balloon-twisting skills for a month prior to this day.
It was a very toxic day but we were fulfilled with the results. It's not perfect but maybe next time, we'll be able to do a better design. There's still a lot to improve. This is our best for the moment. 


Bonus! I learned how to make balloon towers! They're easier and faster to make than the twisted ones. 

To many, married life becomes one of the main hindrances to serving God. That is not the case with my husband and I. We have more responsibilities this time but we make sure not to neglect our work in the ministry, and we have fun doing it! It's a blessing to have someone who is willing to serve God with you even when it gets hectic. Who says being active in church is just for young people?

It's also great to have a church that appreciates you and supports you 100%.

We were used to being overly criticized in the ministry (by our former pastor). You've done your best but it's still not enough. It was like you could do nothing right. Being verbally abused and insulted made me question why I serve in the first place. Sometimes I would do work halfheartedly. I was so burned out and tempted to leave the faith.

Now, it's totally different. We're so thankful God brought us out of that situation. It is out of gratitude that we treasure every opportunity to be in the church and serve. God is truly good.

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