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Smartphone Battery Care (From Someone Who Is Totally Clueless with Tech Stuff)

My first phone was a Nokia 3210 I got in 8th grade. (I'm stopping for a minute to reminisce about it... Wow. I'm old!)

Fast forward to 2017. Now even kids own smartphones or tablets. It's amazing how technology has made smartphones an integral part of our daily living. We use our phones for so many other things, not only as a flash light or a calculator. The downside to this - smartphones are battery operated.

How can we prolong our smartphone's battery life?

Let your phone charge.
When was the last time you let your phone just charge? Most of the time, the phone never stops working, not even when it's charging. Why not leave it alone to focus on charging? Don't check your facebook. Don't check your instagram. Go away! Read a book. Take a nap. Work on other tasks not involving your phone. Both you and your phone will benefit from the separation!

Can't reach 100%? Don't worry about it!
I used to think smartphones and other gadgets need to be charged up to 100% always. It turns out, it's fine if you don't fully charge your phone. You can charge it just enough according to how much battery life you will be needing.

Avoid overheating.
Whether or not you use your phone, the battery loses a percentage of its power because of the heat. If possible, keep your gadgets off direct sunlight or warm places. While charging, the phone's battery also produces heat. It helps to remove the phone's protective cover before plugging the charger.

Don't Overcharge.
Many of us are guilty of this. You come home late. You're drained and so is your phone's battery. (We all know where I'm going with this.) You decide to charge your phone, sleep. The ending - you unplug the charger when you wake up in the morning. Though certain smartphone units automatically stop charging at 100%, overcharging may lead to overheating which will eventually damage the battery.

Use the proper cable for your smartphone.
There's no point saving a cable your pet dog already made a chew toy of. (Raise your hand if this happened to you.) If it's no longer functioning, replace it. No. Taping the chewed of rubber won't save it.

Planning to finally replace that worn-out (or chewed out) cable? A high quality fast-charging magnetic cable may be the best replacement!

See more about the Magneto Cable here:

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