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Change The Way You See Friendship

Meet my four-footed friend, Xena.
I have human friends too, but for now this post is about her!

Xena is a chihuahua turning six-months-old this August. She is still a puppy but weighs over 2 kilograms and is starting to put some pressure on my lap when I carry her.

Last year, I lived with my parents, two brothers and as many as seven chihuahuas at one time. I moved with my husband early this year. We got Xena after a month of being together. She was only two-months old then. Not having a pet for a whole month, I was longing for a chance to have a dog again. Even now that I have Xena, I still miss our dogs back in my parents' home.

Okoy is Xena's dad.

A dog is the most loyal companion a person can ever have. A dog loves unconditionally for the rest of his/her life.

Xena cannot talk, but she's a good listener.
She cannot give advice, but she gives joy.
She cannot lend me money when I need it, but she gives me peace.
She is not just a pet. She is a friend. She's part of the family.

When we lost a baby last July, Xena comforted me, but unlike other people, she was present the whole time. She didn't need words to console us. It was like she felt my emotional pain and responded to it. She was just there.

Friendship comes in many forms. Sometimes it's the bond you share with people. Sometimes it's the bond you share with a little dog.

I take more photos of her than of myself. She's very playful. Sometimes it's hard to take a photo of her while she's playing and the only decent photos I got are when she's asleep or tired. Usually, I take a bunch of photos then pick the least blurred of them for an instagram post. That's too much hassle for one picture.

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I look forward to sharing more days, months and years with Xena; to document those moments with lovely photographs and videos, hopefully with a Huawei P9 smartphone!

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