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MOVIE REVIEW | Warcraft (2016)

I have two brothers who love PC games, so as you can expect, I played Warcraft and DOTA for a reasonable amount of time before this movie came out. My brother would show me the cg animated short films about the heroes and their respective backstories. I've always admired the detail they put in the game characters. I expected the same with this movie.

Let's watch the trailer first!

Hubby and I were in the mall when we saw the trailer for the first time. We were like kids drooling over chocolate cake. We really wanted to watch it. It was insane!

If you haven't watched the movie yet, STOP RIGHT HERE!
You've been warned.


The Orcs (large and brutish creatures) are desperate to leave their dying world in order to survive.

Gul'dan (shaman turned warlock) used a powerful magic to open a portal to other worlds. This evil green aura stuff is called Fel magic. Fel magic is fueled by the souls of the living.

The portal opened to the realm of Azeroth, where humans, elves and dwarves live in peace.

The orcish Horde raided the villages and took lands for their encampment.

And so the war begins.


I find it so hard to remember names in this movie!

Understandably, a lot of characters in the franchise are cut off from the film.
See all of them here: Characters of Warcraft | WIKIPEDIA

Here are some of the characters I remember.

This is Lothar (played by Travis Fimmel)

Durotan (Toby Kebbell)

Garona (played by Paula Patton)

Medivh (played by Ben Foster)

Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer)

King Llane (Dominic Cooper)

I wasn't disappointed with the effects!

I also commend the amount of detail they put into the costumes. Like every individual in the Horde is well-dressed. There's an incredible amount of effort that went to designing that. Bravo!

Better than Arya's Nymeria eh?


I know that most of the shots in this film are done in the studio, but still, they made a believable environment for Azeroth (considering it's a fantasy universe).

Also, this cool griffin ride!

This heartbreaking scene...

And this totally ironic and heartbreaking scene...

Hey! Let's drama while everyone bashes heads like crazy!!!
We go slo-mo! Ninjas be peeling onions!!!

But wait! Lothar's got balls of steel!!! Literal amazeballs! 

I wish they made the golem look better... Some markings or carvings would have been nice. I got sleepy watching that scene. The tower's interiors are cool though. Thumbs up for set design.


No nudity but there's a lot of violence. The fight scenes are intense but not too gory. There's one scene when an orc smashed a soldier's head, but at least he has a helmet on.

Please don't watch this after watching Bambi...

This movie can be really scary for little kids, so it's better to not let them watch it. Okay for older kids, if you think they can handle the fantasy aspect of it.

For a monster baby, this one's kinda cute!

I wonder what die-hard Warcraft gamers say about this movie. I have a fairly positive review because of my limited knowledge of the franchise.

Definitely entertained. If you're looking for fight scenes with magic, a lot less of the cheesy stuff, and tini-tiny bits of drama, I recommend this film!

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