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Mamaya na. (Later.)

Mañana Habit
► also known as "procrastination"
► an annoying Filipino trait that was most probably taught by the Spanish conquerors
"Mamaya na." [Later.]
"Bukas na." [Tomorrow] - in more severe cases


I can't believe I haven't posted anything in two weeks! My last post is in July and it's already August now. I do have several articles waiting to be posted though... Still... Procrastination got the best of me again.

Malala na ito. [This is bad. This is really bad.]


I was going to post something for a blog contest in Nuffnang. The deadline was last Sunday and I failed to post it. I am hitting my head on the wall for not being able to submit my article on time! IT WAS IN THE DRAFTS, IDIOT!!! No worries. There's still 3 weeks left. I still have 3 chances to win a Huawei phone, but 4 chances would have been nicer.

Right now I have articles in the draft about serious stuff like faith and ideology, one about feminine reproductive health, and that one article I was going to submit to Nuffnang but wasn't able to. There's also the review of our wedding written in parts; because writing the whole review in one super long article just won't do.

I have subjects I've been wanting to write about but I haven't even started yet. I want to write more about Philippine politics and relevant issues. Expect the articles to be highly opinionated. This is not a news website. I am going to review our last staycation. There's definitely going to be an article for pet care, chihuahuas in particular. Maybe I'll post a recipe of something I just learned to cook...

Apart from blogging, I should be able to finish at least one design option for our church stage. It's a really big deal because it's for the church. It's safe to say that I've already started, but I still have a long way to go...

Pending. Pending. Pending.

Why am I like this?

I'm a scatterbrain by nature. I find it really hard to focus on just one task at a time. It's just so difficult for me because I'm very easily distracted by almost anything. The distraction can be as simple as the need to go to the toilet or wanting to pet the dog to random ideas that pop up from nowhere.

I can survive without Facebook, but don't even let me start scrolling on Tumblr and Instagram. Social media is the worst/best distraction.


It's a blessing we don't have TV.

Solutions to stopping this behavior

I make a list of things to be done. It's proven effective so far.

I write the random ideas I get in the middle of doing a task - so I can get back to that idea once I finish doing whatever is in my list for the day.

I'm starting to transition from conventional planners to bullet journals.

I ignore social media. It was hard at first, but I realized how repetitive the posts are. It's just not worth my time looking at all of them.

I imagine my husband as Budo, only skinnier. (A character in Battle Realms who whips peasants who are taking a break from farming.) Not because he looks like Budo, but he can be as strict. I got scolded lately for being too relaxed.

I hope the next time I post about this subject, it will be about how I overcame.

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