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A 2017 Worth Remembering

Has 2017 been good? I'm not sure how to answer that.


We said goodbye to our tiny baby Jellybean.

We greeted February with the hope of welcoming a child, a possible 'rainbow baby', but that quickly became another loss. I went through another D&C last April. The worst thing is mourning in secret while we facilitate our group's preparation for the church camp. Only a few people had a hint of what was happening at the time. It gets more difficult knowing we lost two babies already. I still haven't moved on. Neither has our finances.

But you have to, no matter how difficult, strive to move forward.


We moved to Apartment B, a smaller unit just across the first unit we lived in. It's a smaller place just for the three of us to sleep in. It's quieter, a bit more distant to the street (and the makeshift basketball court with entitled players.) It gives us more privacy. The only downside is that there's more space to keep tidy and clean. I don't mind this as long as I have a room to do my sulking in.


We all have to learn to appreciate the mundane.  It's just something we all have to accept - things get irritatingly boring. What are you going to do about it? Complaining is no good.


We are still serving the VIC with God's grace! We had to make our own lessons and activities for Grade 1 students. I didn't know how we'd come up with ideas just when we need them. There's no way to explain this except that God guided us with His wisdom!


I think I've made more enemies in 2017 because of my political and religious views. I did meet new people, especially in the BMP Sunday School Teachers' Camp in Baguio.

It was my first time to attend, first time my husband and I are apart for more than a day. It was overwhelming to meet a lot of new people in one event, all sunday school teachers and young pastors. 

When we got to the hotel, just before the orientation, I received a text message from my brother. Tatay had a seizure. Nanay described what happened. Tumirik daw yung mata. I considered taking the earliest bus back to Pasay. Even if I did rush home there's nothing I can do; so we prayed. There's no use for worrying either so I decided to fully participate in the activities and see the event through to the end. We even toured some tourist spots in Baguio before heading home. God answered our prayers and Tatay was discharged from the hospital soon after I got home.

The convergence of sunday school teachers is chaotic, busy, fun and extremely encouraging!


November was the most fun month of 2017 because our church organized her first Family Fun Day!

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It's not all sports, thank goodness!


And who can ever forget Christmas fellowships?

Maybe our most meaningful Christmas parties involve bringing smiles to others. It's Jesus' birthday, as the world knows it. History got the date wrong but it's a given opportunity to share the gospel of God's great love for us!


My father is still recovering from stroke.  His seizure in November was followed by an episode of bad hiccups caused by ulcer last December just before Christmas. He was released in December 23.

Hubby and I, and of course Xena, stayed with my parents for a very laid-back Christmas Eve celebration. We visited some of our relatives the next day. Kain-tulog. (Eat-sleep cycle.) Nevermind getting fat!


The New Year celebration is reserved for Roy's family. It was a complete opposite of how we celebrate holidays with my folks, but like Christmas, there's a lot of food. Kain-tulog. (Eat-sleep cycle.) It's excusable to gain a few pounds this season!

What greater way to end the year than watching fireworks from the balcony!


So... was 2017 good?

2017 was a reminder that this world is not my permanent home. This life is not meant to last. Nothing is permanent, not even earth. Every day we spend is another step toward eternity with our true home - heaven.

2017 was not good or bad or anything. A year does not determine how we view our lives.

We are alive. We have enough. We are blessed, not only materially but with God's faithfulness. Yes, we suffered a great loss, but we are surviving. God has been good. 😊

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