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A 2017 Worth Remembering

Has 2017 been good? I'm not sure how to answer that.

We greeted February with the hope of welcoming a child, a possible 'rainbow baby', but that quickly became another loss.I went through another D&C last April. The worst thing is mourning in secret while we facilitate our group's preparation for the church camp. Only a few people had a hint of what was happening at the time. It gets more difficult knowing we lost two babies already. I still haven't moved on. Neither has our finances.
But you have to, no matter how difficult, strive to move forward.


We moved to Apartment B, a smaller unit just across the first unit we lived in. It's a smaller place just for the three of us to sleep in. It's quieter, a bit more distant to the street (and the makeshift basketball court with entitled players.) It gives us more privacy.…

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