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Something's Cooking and It's Not Dinner

Closing time. Dinner time. The last batch of customers went home. We were about to roll down the metal doors and head to our own dinner table. What was supposed to be a peaceful evening became a tragic nightmare for many people in our barangay. In the night of May 10, 2017, around 120 families lost their homes to fire.

Our street has always been noisy. At first, akala namin may away lang kaya may nagsisigawan. [We thought there was a fight going on.] It wasn't too long until we grasp what's really going on. We locked the store and went outside. There's a gigantic cloud of smoke just across the street. People outside the street are either panicking or watching the spectacle. The fire is close enough for us to worry but not too close to cause panic yet.
I was tempted to document the whole thing and would have done so if I wasn't wearing my housewife attire - daster and apron. I was in the middle of preparing our dinner when I got curious of what's happening. Roy was…

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