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Gloomy Weather + Ponyo = ♥

This movie is perfect for rainy days when you like to stay at home under a cozy blanket. It's a movie you drink hot chocolate or eat spicy cup noodles with. Turn the volume up while the rain pours outside.

Just like any Studio Ghibli movies, I adore Ponyo!



It's about a fish who loves HAM!

Sosuke and his mom live in a house on a cliff by the sea. He finds a fish stuck inside a glass bottle. He rescues the fish and names it "Ponyo."

Ponyo is later brought back to the sea by her father.

She wanted to go back to land because she has fallen in love with Sosuke. She used powerful magic to transform into a girl.

This phenomenon caused an imbalance that threatened to destroy the world.



Hayao Miyazaki said that "Little Mermaid" inspired "Ponyo." It's a good thing he didn't adapt the story literally. The plot is simple but the scenes are amazing. Great visuals as expected of a Ghibli film!

This movie made me appreciate marine life even more.

Look at how colorful this kitchen is...

Even animating the noodles took a lot of love.

I want his job.

I want this house.

The music matches the visuals perfectly. The score captured the majesty of the ocean.

It's featured here, among others composed by Joe Hisaishi for Studio Ghibli movies.

They also chose the right voice actors for the English dub.

They were voiced by Cate Blanchett and Liam Neeson. 

I had most fun watching Sosuke and Ponyo's adventures.


Children will definitely enjoy this film. The scenes are vibrant. The protagonists are two kids. A little fantasy cannot hurt, but parents and babysitters, please explain them that the plot is made up. None of their pet fishes will ever become a little girl or a little boy. They might expect, you know...

Teens, if you're into teen romance and drama, I'M BEGGING YOU, PLEASE WATCH THIS INSTEAD... Please watch this before your youth fades away... Please...

There's really no age limit to watch this. I'm thirty and still watching it. I already watched it over five times. Still feel like a kid whenever I watch it!


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