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Recovery after a D&C (Part 01)

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Finally out of the hospital, home and settled.


I was confined for almost two days to remove the remains of my failed pregnancy, a blighted ovum I carried in my womb for 14 weeks.
The Firstborn That Wasn't Meant to Be (READ HERE)

This is my detailed account of the procedure.
Having a D&C (Journal) - (READ HERE)

In case you're wondering what it was like after the operation, I assure you that it's okay. The operation itself wasn't as scary as I thought it was. The effects vary among women but I can tell you that it's manageable. If you need more information about recovering from D&C, feel free to read this article.

TMI (Too Much Information) about feminine reproductive health. (Maybe okay for ladies but uncomfortable for guys). If you're a guy and still want to read on... you've been warned.

July 10, 2016 - Sunday

Xena ruled the house while we were away. TOTAL CHAOS!


We got home around 4pm. Time to rest. Take it easy. We can clean tomorrow.

My left arm and right forearm still feels sore from the meds and the IV. I'm also feeling headaches, maybe a side effect of the anesthesia. 

I had to drink my next round of meds after dinner. Cefuroxime is a large bitter capsule. I took a spoonful of sugar just to wash down the aftertaste. Celecoxib is a very small pill, much easier to take.

I was expecting some cramps but didn't really feel any. Also, it seems that my bleeding has stopped. There's no spotting even. I'll still continue wearing pads just in case.

July 11, 2016 - Monday

We decided to do some laundry. The hamper is FULL because we haven't washed the dirty laundry for a straight three days. I was in the hospital last Saturday. Prior to that, my medication required me to stay in bed. Now we're home I'm eager to finally do some work in the house.

Hubby's family came to visit! I'm happy but also embarrassed by the state of the house. At least Xena provided a very timely distraction from all the mess we still haven't fixed. She's sweet to everyone and they love her! She got a lot of belly rubs and cuddles today. I really thought they're going to take her.

A photo posted by Kye Felix-Pajela (@sleepwalkingscarlet) on
We're experiencing heavy rains and it's very cold outside.

I had a fever in the afternoon. I pushed myself too hard. I shouldn't have done the laundry. Hubby told me to stay in bed the rest of the afternoon. No more chores for today.

With the fever came lower abdominal cramps. They're not too painful, just very sudden and uncomfortable. They're milder than period pains.

What concerned us is the fever. He texted the doctor. The doctor said it was probably the antibiotics doing its job. I don't want to medicate for fever if I can still handle it. It's the body's way of fighting infection so we decided to wait it out. Hubby applied cold compress on my head and waited for the fever to go down.

Everything was okay after dinner and medicine.

July 12, 2016 - Tuesday

I just turned 30!

No party for today. I need to rest.

I decided to switch from pad to liner because I'm not bleeding anymore. Although there's still some clear watery discharge. I sure hope it's not caused by an infection. I don't feel irritated at all, so maybe it's nothing. I googled the discharge and the forums say it's quite normal. I'll confirm with the doctor in my next check-up.

I still feel mild cramps. No biggie.

I thought I'll be an emotional wreck today considering the timing of my miscarriage, the d&c procedure and my birthday but I'm actually feeling better. I'm happy receiving greetings today, and I'm happily responding. I'm not bitter at all, just craving for a cake, mom's spaghetti, some spicy tuna pasta.

Hubby had to deliver some products this morning. I stayed in bed because I don't want to risk having fever again. He was late for lunch but he took home a black forest cake.

This afternoon he ordered pizza and mojos. I thought, the mojos won't last long but we'll only be able to eat half of the pizza today.

A photo posted by Kye Felix-Pajela (@sleepwalkingscarlet) on

My parents came to visit just in time for dinner. They brought two tubs of ice cream too. My father declared today his cheat day and ate like he isn't diabetic. Xena got a lot of cuddles today from our guests. I had no idea my mom was on leave today so we were totally surprised they came. 

My diet is as tolerated (whatever I eat when I'm not sick). I gave in to the treat since there's no restriction to my diet.

After early dinner we all went to the store. They wanted to observe how the store operates. It's around 6PM to 8PM that attracts many of the customers, especially those from the evening commute. My parents waited for the store to close before saying goodbye.

Now we have all the food to ourselves but we're just so full!

A photo posted by Kye Felix-Pajela (@sleepwalkingscarlet) on

We had tea to wash down the feast.

I still had to take my bitter capsule and one more pill that is way more tolerable. Only a slice of cake can erase the bitter aftertaste of Cefuroxime. It's THAT bitter. 10/10 if I'm going to grade how bitter it is. It's so much worse if you fail to flush it down the first time you swallow. I feel like vomiting just thinking about it.

I checked my temperature for the night. No fever. Good.

July 13, 2016 - Wednesday

We have very early guests today. Hubby's folks had a very quick visit around breakfast time while hubby's in the middle of cooking his special fried rice.
**I look like I just woke up! Because I just woke up! LITERALLY! I still smell like yesterday! My shorts are TOO SHORT! Panicking inside. I'll just cover myself with a towel real quick!**

A photo posted by Kye Felix-Pajela (@sleepwalkingscarlet) on

Right after breakfast, it's our neighbor's kids who came to visit. **Kids wouldn't really care about how I look so I'm going to shower later...**

I took the last piece of Celecoxib this morning. I still need to take the bitter one until Saturday. Cefuroxime is so bitter I want to cry.

I decided to sleep in a bit more because a lot happened yesterday. Right about lunch time, two of our Ninangs came to visit. I still haven't taken a shower! I wish I took a shower before taking a nap. **Panicking inside. I'll just cover myself with a towel real quick** I'm going to be more prepared tomorrow. You'll never know who will come to visit. It's better to be prepared next time.

What I love about our church is our close fellowship. There is genuine concern for one another. I've felt most of that this week. Even the brethren who have been living outside Manila and abroad sent their messages and assured us of their prayers.

After what happened last year, God has preserved His church and we stayed together. What happened to us this month is no comparison to what we faced as a church so we should be able to bounce back quickly by God's grace.

The Ninangs' visit ended in prayer. I wanted to do the laundry but I felt more like going back to sleep. I'm still recovering from hospitalization. I feel tired very easily. I did eat a lot during our lunch which made me more sleepy. *Baboy (pig) reflex*

It's around 5PM when I woke up. I immediately started the laundry because our hamper is full again... also hubby is wearing his last pair of briefs. Poor guy. (By doing laundry: I mean waiting for the machine to finish washing.)

It's Wednesday and hubby went to church... without me... *pout pout pout* because I was still recovering. I wanted to go but I'm not sure how the commute will affect my body post-surgery.

No more Celecoxib tonight. I'm having mild cramps. Celecoxib happens to be for pain management. Maybe the doctor assumed the cramps will be less of an issue now.

There's an ongoing watery discharge, occasionally a bit of yellow but I try not to think too much about it. There's no itching or dryness there. I trust that the antibiotics is doing its job preventing an infection.

I still mourn for our loss but I find peace through prayer and bits of happiness from people around me, things I see in the internet, the environment. God continues to send encouragement. I am not alone. I can get through this.

I originally planned to post this on Saturday but it's getting really long so I had to split the article and post the other half on Saturday. I hope my experience have somehow given you and idea about recovering from D&C. 

To be continued.

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