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Sentenced to Bed Rest

Ink blots and coffee stains never scared me, but this did.

It seems my pregnancy is not as chill as I thought it would be. 

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I doubt I'll be experiencing morning sickness any time soon but there came another symptom. Something I could not ignore - spotting.

When I experienced spotting 12 days after my last period, I thought it could either be that I was done ovulating or that I conceived (implantation spotting). I forgot about all about it until I noticed that my next period was at least a week late.

Pregnancy is going smoothly. I've been taking iron supplements with folic acid once everyday. I drink milk (also with folic acid). I eat whenever I'm hungry. I sleep whenever I feel tired or nauseous. It's just uncomfortable feeling hip cramps, but there are no sharp pains whatsoever. So far everything's well.

I do light chores at home like washing dishes, cooking (rice cooker does all the work), laundry (actually just putting the clothes in the machine and then taking a nap, waiting for the alarm that cycle has finished then taking the clothes out to dry them), folding dried clothes, ironing (only a few clothes during Sunday). Thank you modern technology! Basically, all of them are lazy house jobs and my husband does all the rest. I wasn't stressed at all!

Last Wednesday, June 29, 2016, my husband and I were planning to go to the hospital to repeat the ultrasound. Our first ultrasound in June 8, 2016 didn't show the fetal pole yet, only the yolk sac at around 0.3 cm and the gestational sac around 2.4 cm. The gestational age was 7 weeks 2 days, contrary to 9 weeks if counted from the last menstrual period.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to go because he had an emergency at work. We decided to postpone the appointment for the following week according to the doctor's and the ultrasound technician's schedule.

I'm a brown drop sent from the inside to the outside world
to give your pregnancy some challenge!

Wednesday night, after preparing the dinner (cooking the rice and waiting for hubby to buy cooked food in the market), I noticed I had few drops of brown discharge that looks similar to dark coffee stain. It's like what we girls have in our pahabol days (the last days of the period). I started palpitating in panic. I got nauseous seeing it. I sat by the edge of the bed and tried to compose myself. I immediately sent my husband a message to let him know what was going on. He immediately closed the shop and went home.

Know more about spotting or bleeding (READ HERE)

Good thing I have the doctor's contact number. I texted her right away about the spotting. She advised me pampakapit (meds to strengthen the baby's "grip"). She prescribed duphaston and bed rest for at least a week.

You are hereby sentenced to a week of anxiety and utter uselessness.

Day 0
The night I found out about the spotting, I was very emotional due to the fact that it could be a precursor to more bleeding. It scared me so badly I had to google the same symptom in forums. I found out that it's fairly common among other women and there's hope for a better outcome.

Day 1
Official start of bed rest. I finally get to boss my husband around because I had to stay in bed. I watched the presidential inauguration, so I wasn't too bored. But lack of activity and the continuous spotting made me very moody and frustrated.

Day 2
I find it more challenging being confined in bed, only getting up to eat or go to the toilet. I found out there's more cons to this than pros. One is seeing the chaos done by the dog and not being able to fix it because I have to stay in bed... Even when all the rags and our dirty clothes are scattered on the floor... Our naughty dog is having a party and I can't do anything about it.

Receiving encouragement from friends

Five days to go... I hope bed rest and the medicine will stop the spotting. Maybe it's just old blood the body is getting rid off, but we won't know for sure until my next check up.

Good thing friends suggested activities to keep me occupied. I appreciate the people who are praying for me and giving advice. We're hoping for the best!

UPDATE as of July 8, 2016:
Sadly, my first pregnancy was a failure and I'm expecting to miscarry anytime soon...
The Firstborn That Wasn't Meant to Be (READ HERE)

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