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Recovery after a D&C (Part 02)

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Back to work!

It's been five days after I've undergone a dilation and curettage procedure to remove the remains of the blighted ovum I've carried for fourteen weeks. Physical recovery is easier than I thought, but not without its challenges. There's still a lot of unknowns. There's no way to know what's going on inside without the help of the doctor. We're only relying upon symptoms for clues.

Raising the TMI (Too Much Information) Warning yet again. This post is mainly about the female reproductive health and may be awkward for guys to read. Gentlemen, please look away.

Know the whole story.

This is a continuation of my post-d&c journal

July 14, 2016 - Thursday

I remember feeling cold at 3:00 AM. It was raining. Suddenly, I felt sharp pelvic pains alternating on either side. It must be my uterus contracting, returning to pre-pregnancy state.

Maybe I'm more sensitive to pain because I didn't want my husband to leave. It may be more emotional than physical. He was scheduled to travel north for a very important errand. I didn't want to further postpone his trip so I let him go.


I helped out on the store in the afternoon. No heavy-lifting for me.

There's no more spotting. I didn't bother wearing pads anymore. I didn't want to irritate my lady parts more than it already is. Besides, I've been wearing pads for two weeks straight. I need to breathe...

No more pads! FREEDOM!


Alright! I survived the day without my husband but it was hard to sleep at night. Unfortunately, cohabitation has made me dependent. It isn't healthy at all, but I tired myself with laundry just so I could go to sleep.

July 15, 2016 - Friday

I woke up so late today! SO LATE! I heard the store doors open around 8AM. That's when I woke up!

Aside from sleeplessness, there are no other pains today and I was able to do some errands. I felt like my body is getting strength back. I can do more now.

Suddenly... BLEEDING!

Heavy. Gush. Of. Blood.
How could this happen?!?!
Is this my period already???

It's only been six days since the d&c procedure. According to the forums I visited, it's common to have delayed bleeding after the d&c. With bleeding came strong cramps. Good thing it was manageable. For a precaution, I took a nap just to ease the cramps. As soon as the cramps subsided it's time for work again.

The bleeding didn't last but the irritation worsened. I really hope it isn't a symptom of a more serious problem.

I waited for my husband be back from his trip. He took a 10-hour drive back to Manila from the province (10 hours because of all the stop-overs he made and an hour or two of heavy traffic as soon as he got to the city). I was only able to sleep when he got home, only had short naps before that.

July 16, 2016 - Saturday

Post surgery follow-up check-up today!
I'm anxious but more excited to get rid of the burning sensation in my 'nether regions.' No. I'm not supposed to scratch it. I tell myself "Magdusa ka." (Suffer.)

Good news.
Doc is positive that I'll be able to get pregnant again.
The next baby will hold on to my uterus like a tarsier holds on to his dearest tree branch.
My cervix doesn't open easily lessening the risk of natural miscarriage.

We already know the drill. Pelvic exam.

Now for the not-so-good news... My lady parts are INFLAMED!


Good news. It can be treated. Whew... 

More news to come. The biopsy results will be available next week...

Hubby wanted to ask Doc something but he decided not to. Maybe he forgot??? More like he was shy...

July 17, 2016 - Sunday

I almost forgot how therapeutic art can be.
A photo posted by Kye Felix-Pajela (@sleepwalkingscarlet) on

After two weeks of absence, I finally reconnected with our brothers and sisters in the church.
Back in the Ship (READ HERE)

Now our spirits can heal too.

No girl has ever dreamed of her first pregnancy ending in tragedy.
I was just like the others. I imagined my first pregnancy to be the stuff of magic and glitter and fabulous baby showers. It turns out I was one of the 25% who do not get to hold a bouncing baby in the end.

It's sad and it could be depressing. How long will you recover? Only you can answer that.

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